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ACCI is an independent, legal, non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-political and a self-administered entity, which serves the private sector of Afghanistan. ACCI was established through a merger between the former state-owned ACCI and the Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC). The ACCI advocates and protects the rights of private sector and supports and promotes the business activities of its members. The ACCI aims at developing the economy of the country at national and international levels.

As the Voice for Afghanistan’s Private Sector, the ACCI strives to provide the best possible services to its members and the entire private sector of the country. The ACCI currently functions through 27 branches in 25 provinces of the country and has over 63,000 individuals and 25 Business Associations as its members under its umbrella. The ACCI is a member of ECO-CCI, SAARC-CCI, CAREC, ICC and ICCI. The ACCI also has international affiliate offices in USA, the Netherlands, China, Canada, Moscow, United Arab Emirates, India, Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

The ACCI is a strong and united business membership organization that represents the entire private sector of Afghanistan. It is the only service-oriented, independent and modern Chamber of Commerce in the country and strives to provide the best possible services to its members and to the private sector of Afghanistan. The Chamber Law, ratified by H.E President of Afghanistan and enforced nationally, has given ACCI a more prominent and recognized image among the business activists in the country.

The ACCI is a self-sufficient organization as it finances the majority of its operations and programs by its own revenues; however, the ACCI has key International Partners whose funds play a significant role in the chamber’s success.


The ACCI is the leading voice of a dynamic, competitive and rapidly growing Afghan private sector.


The ACCI, as the representative organization of Afghan businesses, provides leadership and services towards the enhancement of an enabling environment for the private sector in which local and international businesses can prosper in the interest of employment creation and local wealth generation.

Audit Timing & Delivery:

ACCI being prepared for the audit fieldwork to begin by 01/10/1399 up to 29/12/1400 (around 15 months of 1.5 fiscal years; AFG Calendar, equivalent to 21/12/2020 up to 20/03/2022 and expects the delivery of the financial statements, reports on the basis of each single months and a management letter by not less than a month after approval of the qualified company.

Services to Be Provided:

ACCI is seeking a qualified CPA firm with extensive experience with Afghanistan Private sector and Afghanistan market to perform the following:


1.      Annual audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, International              Financial Standard (and government auditing standards, if applicable) for the year ending (01/10/1399) up to 29/12/1400

2.      Internal control letter and recommendations on improving internal controls

3.      Management letter

4.      Separate financial reports on the basis of each and every months of (1.5)

5.      Complete financial reports of Audit of (15) months as requested above.


Proposal Requirements:

1.      Name, address, telephone number, and email address for principal contact.

2.      Executive summary of the reasons why ACCI should engage your firm to provide audit services. Describe your firm’s experience in providing auditing services to companies in the international development industry, as well as businesses of comparable size to ACCI. Include your total fee in the executive summary.

3.      Background of the firm, including years in business, number of employees, and industry specialty.

4.      Describe your firm's basic approach to performing an audit including preliminary risk assessment, reliance on substantive testing, tests of controls, and interim fieldwork.

·        Include the size of the audit team, phases of the audit, and timing of fieldwork.

·        Describe the intended use of any affiliate member firm personnel.

·        Identify the areas that will receive primary emphasis.

5.      Identify the engagement team that will be performing the audit and provide biographies detailing their experience serving organizations similar to ACCI.

6.      Provide a timeline for planning, fieldwork, and expected completion of the audit.

7.      Describe your philosophy on communicating issues with management.

8.      Set forth your fee proposal for the 1387 audit. Please describe any discounts or price guarantees available for multiyear engagements. Describe how you will bill for out-of-scope work or special projects.

9.      Include a copy of your firm’s most recent peer review report, the related letter of comments, and the firm’s response to the letter of comments.

10.  Discuss your independence with respect to ACCI.

11.  Provide the names and contact information for three clients similar to ACCI.

12.  Sign the Certifications enclosed with this RFQ and include as an attachment.






RFQ Costs:

Any resources expended by your firm in responding to this RFQ, including any costs incurred in proposal preparation, presentation or site visits, are the sole responsibility of your firm.



Inquiries concerning this RFQ should be emailed CFO@acci.org.af   mailto:hr.director@acci.org.af" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" style="color: black;">Hr.director@acci.org.af and Financedirector@acci.org.af before last date of bidding. Include “Audit Inquiry – (Firm name)” in the subject line. 


Proposal Deadline:

The deadline for receipt of your proposal is 18/11/2022 Please email your proposal to Financdirector@acci.org.af, CFO@acci.org.af and mailto:hr.director@acci.org.af" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" style="color: black;">hr.director@acci.org.af Include “Audit Proposal – (Firm name)” in the subject line. We would appreciate a response if you decline to submit a proposal.


Evaluation of Proposals:

ACCI will evaluate all proposals on a qualitative basis. Criteria will include:

·        Experience with organizations of similar size and complexity.

·        Completeness and timeliness of your firm’s response to this request for proposal.

·        Interviews with engagement personnel to be assigned to our engagement.

·        Results of discussions with references provided.

·        Pricing for the requested period of audit services ad indicated above.


Proposals will be reviewed in-house as they are received. One or more firms may be contacted to present its proposal to senior management. We expect to make a final decision a week after receipt of your proposal.


   We kindly request you to submit your quotation for Financial Audit of ACCI Books of Account

 This bidding exercise will result into long Term Agreement for Two Years and subject to satisfactory performance of the service provider and can be extended for addition years.

Quotation may be submitted on or before 30 November 2022 before 4:00 PM Local time Kabul in sealed envelope to the address below.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment

Main Office

Kabul, Afghanistan Kabul Nandari Near to Chaman e Huzuri


It shall remain your responsibility to ensure that your quotation will reach the address above on or before the deadline. Quotation that are received by ACCI after the deadline indicated above for whatever reason shall not be considered for evaluation.


Date Posted: Nov 20, 2022 Closing Date: Nov 30, 2022
Type:Request for QuotationSector:Non-profit


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