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About is Afghanistan's first one-stop web portal for employers and jobseekers to connect and network within the site's comprehensive database. presents a complete range of recruitment and career planning solutions by offering a fast, easy and method for job seekers to find jobs for free and for employers to find quality candidates cost effectively. is the ideal place for employers to advertise their job vacancies and job seekers to look for jobs. is a service provided by NETLINKS Ltd.

The Story spans from a free website created by NETLINKS back in early 2009 published on With little or no publicity, the site managed to bring more than half a million visitors in one year, 39,800 registered jobseekers, 4,500+ employers and more than 35,500 job advertisements announced. Looking at the opportunities from the website and strong urge for a better platform to link job seekers to employers, NETLINKS designed and developed a more robust and comprehensive system to fulfill these needs in Afghanistan jobs market after studying the features of leading job portals in the world. is launched on 1st January 2010. The parent company, NETLINKS is also the developer of the first version of ACBAR.ORG which was the first job portal in Afghanistan.

The New Company is a full-fleged Human Resource service provider in Afghanistan serving the needs of the growing jobs market in Afghanistan as a separate and independent company under the management of Cresco Solutions. New technologies and mediums are used by to reach out job advertisements to jobseekers. This includes SMS alerts, automatic posting of new job ads on major social networking websites such as Facebook, leading Afghan portals and RSS subscription to new job ads. Innovative new marketing techniques are used to spread the words on to those interested in working in Afghanistan. This means a high value for employers recruiting through for employers, can be used as a great recruitment tool meeting every single need of human resource departments from job advertisement to receiving applications, short listings, printing all resumes in a/the standard format and calling up job seekers for interview. aims to be a leader in online job advertisement and human resource services market in Afghanistan.