Successfully Completed Projects

Successfully Completed Projects, honors our team's perseverance and commitment to finishing a range of projects.
These achievements show our dedication to excellence and our capacity for overcoming obstacles to succeed.

Outsourcing Recruitment and Payroll Management Services for MTN provides recruitment and payroll services to MTN Afghanistan. The scope of the project is to hire and manage payroll for 629 staff over 15 provinces within two years. Recruitment for the complete target will occur over phases, which the first phase successfully delivered.

Recruitment Services and Payment Management provided recruitment and payment services for Kyoto University of Japan to conduct online research. The scope of the project was to hire 240 out of 10,000 applicants. The project was successfully implemented and delivered with extraordinary outcomes.

Human Resource and Payroll System for International Medical Corps implemented an HR and Payroll system to manage the personal information of over 1600 employees at IMC in 5 different provinces. In addition, the system also generated payroll lists and pay slips for all employees.

Placement Program and Employment Services

Under this grant, NETLINKS through its unit ran the employment related services and placement project for USAID/AWDP program. The main objective of the project was to recruit over 1600 jobseekers in Kabul, Herat, Mazar, Kandahar and Jalalabad, provide them pre-employment trainings, thus making them more employable.