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Dunya University

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Dunya University of Afghanistan is an international university in Afghanistan with a distinctive faculty of different nationalities, of which the majority are European or North American. Dunya University is known favorably for its contribution to the private and public sectors in Afghanistan. Conferences and seminars are regularly organized with very high-level speakers, to enable students to blend theory and practice. The Faculty follows the vision of Dunya University which is built collectively by Senior Management, the Board of Trustees, managerial staff, full-time and visiting faculty, local advisors, and student representatives. Dunya University introduced the accreditation system in Afghanistan and is the first university which were accredited by ACBSP and IACBE. Dunya University is authorized and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and accredited by ACBSP and IACBE. Dunya University is composed of four faculties spread on two campuses: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Law and Political Science, and Faculty of Computer Science. It offers bachelor programs in all faculties and master programs in the Faculty of Economics. Dunya University has received a distinction for its student and faculty selection process. This is an important element in defining and maintaining a high level of quality. Students find employment very rapidly.